Havra Street

Named after the many synagogues in it’s immediate vicinity, Havra Street was a bustling shopping center where kosher (Halal) food was produced and sold. Due to their beliefs, the Jews of İzmir obtained a significant part of their food needs such as meat, fish, chicken, yoghurt, cheese and eggs from Havra Street. As with other foods, wine production was produced in and around this street in accordance with the rules of Kosher.

The tavern, which belonged to Haci İbrahim in 1871, is on Havra Street (synagogues Street) and behind the Etz Hayim Synagogue and Popularya School. In 1895, the wine factory belonging to Halifa Politi was established in the building where the present Akın Passage is located. A document dated 1871 informs that the land was a foundation land belonging to the school in 1871. In that case, the land must have been rented or sold to Politi in 1895. The grape cluster figure at the entrance of the passage and the date 5660 (1900) written in the Hebrew calendar belong to the wine factory we mentioned. The production of kosher wine is important for the Izmir Jewish Community. The Winery also meets the congregation’s requirements for kosher wine. This building was transformed into shoe makers passage in 1968.(Siren Bora 2020)

Halifa Politi’s Kosher Winery

Yahudi Vatandaşların Havra Sokağındaki İşletmelerinin Kısmi Listesi

  1. 1855
  2. 1855
  3. 1871
  4. 1895 
  5. 1895
  6. 1895
  7. 1895
  8. 1896
  9. 1896
  10. 1896
  11. 1896
  12. 1910
  1. 2 Kasap Dükkanı 
  2. 1 Tahinci Dükkanı
  3. Meyhane 
  4. Şarap Üretimi 
  5. Üzüm Damıtımı
  6. Üzüm Damıtımı
  7. Şarap Fabrikası 
  8. Üzüm Damıtımı
  9. Üzüm Damıtımı
  10. Üzüm Damıtımı
  11. Şarap Fabrikası 
  12. Meyhane 
  1. Kasap Rahami
  2. Kasap Rahami
  3. Hacı İbrahim 
  4. Samuel Alazdraki
  5. Devita Kori
  6. Elya Politi
  7. Halifa Politi
  8. Avram Alazdraki
  9. Samuel Kori
  10. Elya Politi
  11. Halifa Politi
  12. Nesim Levi
  1. Havra Sokağı 
  2. Havra Sokağı 
  3. Havra Sokağı 
  4. Havra Sokağı 
  5. Havra Sokağı 
  6. Havra Sokağı 
  7. Havra Sokağı 
  8. Havra Sokağı 
  9. Havra Sokağı 
  10. Havra Sokağı 
  11. Havra Sokağı 
  12. Havra Sokağı