The project, whose original name is "Cultural Wealth of İzmir - Sustaining Jewish Heritage", has been shortened to "Izmir Jewish Heritage" in practice, in terms of being memorable and easy use in visibility.

The global objective of this project is to develop a new platform of civil society organisations led by İzmir Jewish Community Foundation for sustaining the Jewish Heritage within the cultural wealth of İzmir, Turkey.

The proposed action will;

(a) establish a new platform strengthening Izmir Jewish Community Foundation’s networks ability to outreach and communicate towards their constituencies,

(b) promote strategic collaboration between Izmir Jewish Community Foundation and other similar civil society organizations  in EU and in Turkey, as well as public authorities at local and/or national levels for monitoring of public action, advocacy, participation in decision-making process such as developing city plans of İzmir and  preserving cultural heritage.

It also intends to provide opportunities for individuals and communities to analyse global transformations, enrich the debate on the future of intercultural dialogues, promote new types of cooperation, become more familiar with the heritages of different areas, and contribute to economic and human development.

Project Team

Nesim Bencoya

Project Coordinator

Tilda Koenka​

Project Assistant

Rafael Sigura

Finance Executive